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bite my lip and close my eyes...

...take me away to paradise

4 February
music is my life, i play guitar, and i love greenday

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=w=, advil, afi, aim, american hi-fi, authority zero, bands, basket case, basketball, bass, bergen county, billie joe, black, blink 182, books, bowling for soup, brand new, catch 22, cds, cky, clothes, coldplay, computers, concerts, dancing, dashboard confessional, diskmans, disturbed, dookie, drums, electric guitars, emo, england, eve 6, eyebrow rings, eyeliner, finch, fire, flogging molly, friends, gob, goldfinger, good charlotte, green day, green eyes, greenday, guitar, guys, hanging out, harry potter, hershey, hot rod circuit, humor, incubus, international superhits, israel, israeli music, jack black, jaded, javanoid, jimmy eat world, kazaa, kerplunk, korn, led zeppelin, less than jake, lighters, looking at stars, love, madcap, mall, mest, metallica, midtown, minority, motion city soundtrack, movies, music, mxpx, my best friends, my house, nail polish, navel rings, new found glory, new jersey, new york, nimrod, nirvana, nj, nj nets, no doubt, nofx, oasis, orange county, pennywise, people, phish, phone, pictures, playing guitar, pop disaster tour, pulp fiction, punk, reading, red, red and black, red hair, red hot chili peppers, redundant, reel big fish, rock, saves the day, seether, senses fail, shenanigans, shopping, ska, sleeping, something corporate, ssds, staind, straylight run, sublime, subliminal, sugarcult, sum41, summer, system of a down, taking back sunday, talking, the american rejects, the ataris, the beatles, the casualties, the early novemeber, the get up kids, the offspring, the ramones, the starting line, the strokes, the used, the vines, the white stripes, thinking, tool, tv, u2, warning, weezer