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Wednesday, July 20th, 2005

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Subject:last entry.
Time:9:51 am.
i think i'm done with livejournal.
everyone stopped writing except maybe 2 or 3 people.
its sad though, i loved livejournal.
been here since june 20th, 2003. long time ago. then everyone got a lj. and then everyone stopped. :-/
so i guess imma stop too... since no one reads it anymore. maybe i'll start keeping a diary at home or something.
anyways... it's been fun. and i'll rele miss this thing. maybe i'll be back one day if people stop using myspace and start using this again. heh.

much love,

Sunday, December 12th, 2004

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Subject:i found a cool friends only banner :)
Time:11:18 pm.
title or description

Thursday, October 7th, 2004

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Time:10:18 pm.
title or description

comment to be added.

Wednesday, October 6th, 2004

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Time:10:32 pm.
well its been 5 amazing months. :)

Wednesday, September 29th, 2004

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Subject:the outcome of boredom
Time:11:30 pm.
Mood: weird.
go buy itCollapse )

today was such a worthless day. i sat on my ass and did absolutly nothing.. when i couldve done homework or something productive.

i actually have nothing to say. im gonna get no comments on this one. i can tell into the fiture. no.. i cant. i was lieing. im kinda weird.

tomorrow im going to the city with my mom. yippy. except i dont think were gonna do anything cus she has a meeting.

remind me why im writing this?

i miss my phone. actually... no one ever calls me... unless they rele need something... or its my mom. how sad is that. so maybe its ok that i forgot it in jasons car. i only rele need it so i can text jason.

im a hypocrite. i hate when people write pointless entries... and yet, im doing it myself.

im done being stupid.

Monday, September 27th, 2004

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Time:8:06 pm.
everyone that reads my lj comment with an anwser, becuase if you know me i am the most indecisive person in the world and i have to make a decision and i can't and its very important... so please help me.. by simply saying yes or no.

should i drop latin??

thanks guys.

[ this is only a test ]

Subject:im speechless and redundant.. cus i love you's not enough.. im lost for words.
Time:6:11 pm.
Mood: happy.

What Green Day song are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

im in a good mood for some reason
i had a good day... a lot of people told me i looked pretty... and it was just an easy day.

except.. i have soo much hw to do tonight. meh. i gotta plan for my english in class tomorrow. i dont like in class essays. i always do horribly. o well.

i think me and jason r going out tomorrow after school... yes? jason? are we?

so me and ilene decided to write an article bout why bands r becoming so political. should be intresting.

i forgot my bag (the one that i brought when i slept over amys house) at school. typical. but i think coreys bring it for me. heh oy.

i think thats all i rele have to say.

love you all.

Sunday, September 26th, 2004

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Subject:food is good
Time:12:46 am.
Mood: accomplished.
well i got through the fast.. wasnt that bad. :)
hope everyone has a good year!

and i was determined to finish my english essay tonight so that i could maybe see jason tomorrow. so i sat down and worked for 3 hours strait. its not the best essay i've ever written, but its an essay :)

so tomorrow i think im going to westchester in the morning and then hopefully to emmas sisters thinger. then to emmas house, where i will finish the rest of my work while she does her english essay. heh

school is hard.

amy and emma: we are the daiye. and we know we are rele rele rele rediculously good looking. ;-) haha love you guys.

oh and amy... congrats! now we can share stories again. :-P

sweet dreams everyone.

Friday, September 24th, 2004

[ this is only a test ]

Time:6:43 pm.
time for shul.

have an easy fast everyone...

Thursday, September 23rd, 2004

[ this is only a test ]

Time:7:20 pm.
well all my beautiful lodge 3 (aka lodge thrizzle) friends have reminded me that exactly one month ago we were all saying goodbye... and leaving the most amazing place in the world...

hannah pretty much put it in the best way possible... so if you'd like to know how much i (and the rest of my beloved bunk) miss camp you can read her lj ... jeremy_is_a_ho

i love you guys.
9 months.

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Time:12:01 am.
Mood: pissed off.
yea... i just found out that my friend that doesnt even like green day that much went to the city with a bunch of freshman that dont even know who green day is and saw them at this j&r. which is wat i wanted to go too. but i had no ride to the city. uch it just annoyed me :'(
i keep missing my chances. and i just heard that irving plaza was so amazing. its such a small venue thats why its prob so good.
but ino continental will also be awsome..

which brings me to saying... i helped so many people get green day tickets. yea cus i knew the pre-sale password.. i helped like 5 people! i feel cool. :)

and i got this email.. saying how i can meet them.. saying that i gotta do this whole texting trivia shit... so i did it for a while.. but then i gave up.

im sure half of my lj readers have stopped reading cus all i've been talking bout lately is green day. yea.. sorry bout that. im sure this OVER obsessesion will end soon after the concert maybe... well it'll never end... i just wont talk about it as much

yea. so anyways. i just found out i have a fuckin virus on my computer. grreat.

more great news. i didnt start my hw. wtf is wrong with me?
i never used to be like this.

now i wonder how whatsername has been....

p.s sorry for updating so much.

p.p.s my computers gonna die.


i decided not to do my hw. im going to sleep.
dear friends,
please help me fix my problem of not working and procrastonating.
oh and mr. gross can suck my non-existing cock for giving us so much work.

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2004

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Time:5:33 pm.
Mood: happy.
i got the new green day cd :)

from wat i've heard so far it MIGHT be their best cd yet. its just so.. ahhh.. theres no word to describe how amazing it is. and its diffrent from all their other cds. so diffrent. please.. ino its hard to believe me cus i am such a huge green day fan.. but seriously.. buy this cd.. it is so worth it. i promise.

[ 3 were warned ] [ this is only a test ]

Subject:say wat? whos going to see green day???
Time:12:48 am.
Mood: excited.
well today was a looong day.

so the whole morning.. i was like sweating cus i was so nervous.. to know if i got green day tickets or not. see wat i was gonna do was ask my mom for her credit card and go out of class meet jason and buy tickets from the computer room.. but ofcourse my mom, being the bitch she is, said no. so my dad told me not to worry about it and he'll take care of it. :)

so during chem... (which is between 9:57-10:57 and tickets came out at 10) me, emma, n alex kept giving each other nervous looks... we were all so nervous and excited. so then.. she ended the class a few min. early... so i quickly check my phone. we got the tickets!!! :) thank god.
the 3 of us were like running around the halls spazing. so i ran to jason telling him we got em.. but he didnt seem to excited. hehe
so yea i was in a rele good mood for the rest of the day. and theyre good tickets too. section 128.

and yes.. american idiot came out today.. but cus i came home so late the cd store was closed... blah. but my mom said shed buy it for me tomorrow. :) yayay.

heh so anyay during elective period i went out with jason... to uhhhhhh... do stuff. heh :-P
and then when we came back.. i didnt rele wanna leave.. and ella came... so were like lets just go hang out and take the late bus. which was awsome. we went to candlelight. where else would we go with jason?? hehe
then i got home.. watched gilmore girls/one tree hill. man so good. except chad is rele stupid for cutting his hair. heh

then i had like 12963198623 hours of hw to do. so at 10 i started working. i just finished. well i didnt finish. but im not rele planning on doing the rest. maybe on the bus.

oh.. so apparently im an editor? haha me.. an editor? ino you guys r all laughing right now.

well im dead tired... so imma go, but before i go.. i'd like to leave you with a lovely picture:

my love =) Collapse )

Monday, September 20th, 2004

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Subject:concert is tomorrow :'(
Time:8:32 pm.
Mood: tired.
awwwCollapse )

anyways.... today was on ok day.
not to hard classes today.
except for english. mr. gross is so fucking hard!! he gives so much work i dunno wat to do! and this effin human bondage paper... i dunno how im gonna write it.

well i joined newspaper. which in the beginning thought was gonna suck. but im glad jason convinced (more like forced... hehe jk jason) me to join. it looks like fun. and more time with jason eh? i think imma write an article bout green day's new cd and why they (and other band) are turning so political. i dunno, but isnt my topic suprising? =D

and i kinda just ditched band today. i didnt go... should i still do it?? hmm...

this history hw is taking me fuckin hours to do!!! ahhh. and i still have no clue wat im doing for his project. :-/

everwood tonight.
guitar lesson.. in the middle of everwood. joy.

imma go attempt to finish this.

Saturday, September 18th, 2004

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Subject:i want to see green day... NOW.
Time:9:10 pm.
Mood: blank.
their new cd.. is fucking unbelievable. i listened to it online. man... so good. i could be seeing them on tuesday... but nooo.

anyway. i saw kill bill today.
one of the best movies i've ever seen. amazing. everyone go see it if you havent... now.

then i went to the mall.. i got a second earring in my right ear. my parents wont let me get my belly button pierced, so i'll settle with wat i can get. this actually hurt more then my cartlidge earring, suprisingly. i think its pretty...
next piercing is my tounge! (haha jk... even though that would be kinda cool)
when im 17 im gettin my navel pierced.. dont care wat my parents think.

nobody likes you. everyone left you. they're all out without you.. having fun.
this song is so amazing.
it makes me want to cry... i think i just might...

i'm going to see wimbledon in a few minutes with ella. which im kinda excited for. im rele in the mood to go see a movie.

i have so much work to do. fuck it.

i think im dropping latin. i talked to my parents, i think they'll let me. now i just gotta talk to elisha, my dean. i fucking hate the class. i mean sometimes its fun cus i have amazing people in that class. but these amazing people are also the smartest in my grade. and i usually come out of that class depressed cus i feel so dumb cus everyone understands wats going on except for me. and plus, if i drop it i get 4 more free periods. and even better i'd have the same frees as jason. which means a lot more time with him. and then maybe we'd do some independant study thing together. which would be rele cool.

man, i love this band so much.

ok im done.

Friday, September 17th, 2004

[ 4 were warned ] [ this is only a test ]

Subject:i've been waiting a lifetime for this...
Time:12:58 pm.
i didnt get the tickets.
i went home for shul early... to be sure to be on the computer at exactly 12.
but i didnt get it.. it was sold out in less then a minute...
im kinda depressed... but i promised jason that i would try not to be sad. so im trying. ill be ok.. i mean its just a band right???
its not just any band though.. its green day...

but its not the end or the world...
i mean ill still see them.. in continental... wont i? i have to..

this just shows how many people in this world love green day. just shows wat an amazing band they are. that there concert gets sold out in less then a minute... how many times do you see that??

oh man...
if by any chance anyone here managed to get a ticket... and wants to give it to me... the greatest green day fan in the world. i will love you forever.

im ok.

Thursday, September 16th, 2004

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Subject:shanah tovah!
Time:3:00 pm.
Mood: content.
hello everyone.

well i must say... last night was... intresting... lol.. i got drunk. very drunk. it was actually my first time to get rele drunk. i was with ella and my friend noam. i was talking to jason and emma last night... and i just read my conversations with them. haha wow... rele funny.
so yea... my mom was yelling at me... until she realised that i was drunk.. and she just laughed at me.

well this morning had to go to temple... fun... my dads being an ass. he says i cant be on the computer so much. fuck that...

i've got so much homework. blech.

well.. have a happy new year :)


o btw... how come everyone stopped commenting? :-/

Monday, September 13th, 2004

[ this is only a test ]

Time:11:49 pm.
Mood: sad.
this day just keeps getting shittier. atleats its over. goodnight.

[ 1 were warned ] [ this is only a test ]

Time:5:43 pm.
Mood: blah.
hey everyone...

im kinda in a depressed mood right now. im not even rele sure why... just that i dunno if this year will be so great after all. everyone has to leave... everyone i care about atleast :-/

well the retreat...
the retreat was amazing. i had such a great time. got to be with jason a lot... heh.. yay. and bonded with ma friends. hehe "bondage time". i rele wanna go back... instead of having to be in school... blah... ew.

i have guitar at 9:30 tonight. im starting with a new teacher. hope hes good.... i rele wanna get better... cus i suck right now.

ok homework. meh...

Wednesday, September 8th, 2004

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Time:10:26 pm.
Mood: horny.
im so horny.
(please refer to emma's lj leaving_tonight )

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